Greg Baugh, CPA, MBAExecutive Recruiter & President

    Greg Baugh has worked in the executive-search industry for 25 years. He became an executive recruiter after shifting from a career in public and private accounting, where he focused on keeping score with numbers, to the detective work of finding employers exceptional employees in accounting, finance, and other fields. Today, Greg’s client list includes regional, national, and international organizations who are searching for the right candidate who fit their values and have the skills necessary for today and the future. Greg also consults with experienced professionals and C-suite executive candidates in finding the right match for their valuable skills, career-goal orientation, and values mindset.

    Greg has worked in accounting, manufacturing, and the print-services industry. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from Emporia State University, a masters of business administration from the University of Kansas, and a Kansas CPA certification.

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