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GSB Search delivers the executive and professional talent that your organization needs to succeed.

Executive Searches

GSB Search delivers the executive and professional talent that your organization needs to succeed.

The process of finding “good-enough” candidates with visually pleasing resumes and some useful experience is not difficult. Running advertisements is an easy way to get a high quantity of resumes, but it seldom yields high-quality resumes. Your best potential candidates are often people who need to be found. Just as often, they do not even have a resume prepared. Finding a candidate who has the right skills and shares your organization’s vision and culture will take time, commitment, and a special set of detective skills.

GSB Search excels at finding the right executive candidate for you while you go about your business. We tailor our structured search process to meet your exact need, providing you with the candidates who truly meet your organization’s long-term and immediate needs. What makes the perfect match for a leader differs dramatically from industry to industry and depending on the position that needs to be filled. We do not rest until we can present a strong slate of executive candidates who can meet each of your needs.

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Professional Level Searches

GSB Search takes ownership of meeting your most challenging needs for highly qualified candidates.

Not everyone in a company who makes an impact has an office in the C-suite. Some of your most critical positions need to be filled by individual contributors who have specialized skills. But how can you attract these talented individuals when they’re often so busy adding value where they’re currently employed?

The answer lies in the approach. Landing coveted candidates is possible when you know how to communicate the value of your organization for the right candidate. GSB Search knows how to tell your story and find talented candidates who’re excited to join your team.

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Customized Search Solutions

Need other options?

We are a boutique firm that can often find solutions that others might miss. We can also customize our engaged- or retained- search models to fully fit your needs.

Engaged-Search Advantage

Fully Refundable

Fully refundable engagement fee.


Commitment to keeping you informed at every step.

Sense of Urgency

A shared sense of urgency that does not sacrifice quality.


A guarantee that lasts up to 3 years.

We take ownership and are held accountable for your search when you work with GSB Search on an engaged-fee basis. We give you many of the benefits of a fully retained search without as much risk. The highlights of our engaged-search model are as follows:

  • Fully refundable fee
  • Engagement fee that is fully refundable if we do not meet the benchmarks set forth in your custom agreement
  • Consistent communication
  • The use of a communication timetable to keep you fully informed regarding both the activities that have been executed on your customized search and the results
  • Balance due upon project success
  • Candidate right of refusal
  • Extended Guarantee (up to 3 years)

Since we do not receive the majority of our fee until your project is complete, we have a significant incentive to complete your search project with urgency. However, we will never sacrifice quality just to complete a project.

Contingency recruiting firms may send you a great candidate, but they can and will send that great candidate to other organizations. We will only represent our candidates to you and to no other clients until you make a decision.

We offer a six-month free replacement search for candidates who leave within the first six months. But we also go beyond that because you are looking for candidates to stay longer than six months. That is why we offer to do a replacement search at a discount for up to 3 years.

Retained-Search Advantage


Research and Consulting Services.


Extensive reporting that adds to your market knowledge.

Fixed Fees

Option for a fixed fee search.


A guarantee that lasts up to 5 years.

Our retained search services include all of the benefits outlined in our engaged-search services but add an extra layer of consulting services and a time commitment for key executive-search projects. The additional services in our retained-search model include:

Market Analysis and Reporting:

When you are faced with a critical leadership need that does not come up very often, you will need to find out what is going on in the market. That takes time and research. We do the work for you and give you customized reporting that help position your organization to compete for the best talent.

Deep Sourcing and Research:

You cannot afford to make a mistake with filling a senior-level opportunity. We work with you and all stakeholders related to the search to build a comprehensive search plan. Your search consultant will never have more than three retained searches on their desk to ensure they have the time to execute a comprehensive search that will exceed your expectations.

Fees and expenses that make sense

As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to make a project work for you. Our pricing is specific to your project and is often the same or less than some contingency firms. We even offer fixed-fee pricing on projects that are not tied to the offer that you make to a candidate. Retained searches can take more time and resources, and in return for our additional work consulting, research, and sourcing, you will be billed an upfront retainer and a progress fee during the project (the timing of this fee will be determined at the time of the contract). Client approved expenses for consultant travel, advertising, and research are also passed through to the client at our cost. We do not mark these expenses up. The final amount is billed to you when the candidate accepts your offer.

Extended Guarantee (up to 5 years)

We offer a one-year free replacement search for candidates who leave within the first year. But we also go beyond that because you are looking for candidates to stay longer than a year. That is why we offer to do a replacement search at a discount for up to 5 years.

Boutique Benefits

Why entrust your candidate search to a boutique recruitment firm?


To work with a search consultant with over 30 years of professional experience


For our customized and carefully structured search process that is designed to meet your specific recruitment needs.


To establish a close partnership with a trusted recruitment expert.


For expert consultations about any matter related to your search project, any time.

Direct Engagement

To work directly with a dedicated Executive Search Consultant who fully understands your organization’s needs and values.

To ensure that your project gets our full attention, we only take on a limited number of projects.

All projects are led by Greg Baugh, President of GSB Search Associates, a 25-year veteran in the search industry.

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