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Custom Driven Searches

A detailed search process, customized to your unique needs, will lead to great candidates!

When you have a critical opening, you will naturally want to fill the position as quickly as possible. However, not taking the time to build a quality search plan can lead to wasted time and, even worse, to hiring the wrong candidate.

GSB Search has a proven process for finding the right candidate that we can customize to your needs. With a small time investment from you up front, we can build a candidate pool that will lead you to the right new employee.

“GSB Search did a deep dive into the tasks and type of people we were looking for. Greg, the President, was relentless in finding quality candidates for us to select from. The benefit we received by using GSB Search is a commitment to finding the best candidate we could hiring even when it was a challenging search.”

Vice President – Asset Management Real Estate

Search Process and Timeline

To ensure that our search services meet or exceed your expectations, GSB Search uses a detailed search process that adds value at each step.

Develop Consensus

Involving all stakeholders in developing and confirming a consensus around your position specifications.


Producing a communications plan for you that is designed to keep key stakeholders informed throughout the search process.


Performing rigorous candidate evaluations well beyond a basic interview.


Conducting deep reference and background checks of shortlisted candidates.


Assisting with offer negotiations and onboarding strategies.

Our Customizable 10-Step Process

Meet with Principal Hiring Manager and Key Stakeholders
  • An Executive Search Consultant will meet with your principal hiring manager and key stakeholders. This meeting provides your consultant with a basic understanding of your needs. However, to facilitate the recruitment process better and to represent you accurately in the marketplace, it is important that we complete as much due diligence on the role and your organization as possible. This process includes meetings with stakeholders associated with the role who would have valuable input as to the characteristics of who should be hired.
  • We will visit the location where your new employee will be working. This provides us with valuable insights about the environment, history, culture, operating structure, and vision of your organization.
  • Next, your consultant will review any relevant documentation, such as compensation and benefit information, financial information about your organization, and product or service literature.
Develop Search-Plan Document
  • The search-plan document establishes goals and timelines for research, sourcing, and recruiting as well as GSB Search’s candidate interviews, our candidate presentation to you, and the candidate’s first interview with you.
  • As we develop this document, we will also discuss the best forms of communication between GSB Search and your key stakeholders, and the type and frequency of reporting that you would like to receive from us.
Conduct Executive Research and Develop Candidate and Networking Lists
  • Getting the word out is key to the process, and you can help in this endeavor. Clients often posses the names of companies and specific professionals that may be helpful in the advancement of the search project. Using such information, GSB Search will build lists of contact information that will drive the search process.
Source and Recruit Candidates
  • This is where the rubber meets the road. Proactively calling and emailing candidates with the right skills is the most effective way to identify top talent, even if it takes several attempts to make contact with them.
  • Potential candidates are then screened for level of interest and professional priorities, even before they are recruited for your organization. We work to understand the motivation behind their desire to make a change so that we can present an offer to them that will address those motivations.
  • Based on the results of our screening process, we can present a career opportunity at your organization to the candidate. This presentation includes information about the history, culture, and vision of your organization and how the opportunity could address the candidate’s reason for making a career change.
In-Depth Interview of Qualified Candidates by GSB Search
  • We ask qualified candidates to provide a resume and to schedule a time to meet with the Executive Search Consultant in person, via video conference, or by phone if necessary.
  • One of the biggest mistakes made during an interview is to come in with some preconceived notion or bias. We do not pass judgment or make any decisions based on one brief interview.
  • Our interviews are designed to save everyone time by ensuring that the candidate’s goals are in line with your objectives and needs. Therefore, we do not jump into matching candidates for a job right away. We take the time and effort to find out what their current goals are for making a move, and how making a move fits their long-term career goals. We often discover at this stage that candidates may be solid, but the opportunity you have to offer does not mesh with their goals. This important step is often overlooked by inexperienced internal or external recruiters.
Submit Full Candidate Profiles
  • A complete profile dossier is prepared about candidates who meet your search criteria. This profile includes information about the candidate’s qualifications, career achievements, and motivation for change. The full profile is sent to you with our recommendation and information about the candidate’s availability to meet for an interview with you in person or by phone.
Schedule First Interview between the Candidate and the Hiring Manager
  • GSB Search will help coordinate your first interview with our pre-screened, shortlisted candidates.
  • We will also set a time to collect the candidate’s feedback about the interview and a time to receive your feedback about the interview, as well.
Conduct Reference Checks and Due Diligence on Shortlisted Candidates
  • GSB Search will speak directly with individuals who have recently been able to evaluate the candidate who is chosen. We will then provide you with written references outlining our findings.
  • At your request, GSB Search can conduct comprehensive background checks, including collecting information about negative media, credit history, criminal history, civil litigation history, and DMV records through a third party. Any fees related to the screening will be passed on to the client.
Facilitate Offer Negotiation
  • Once a candidate is selected, we will assist where appropriate with onboarding your new employee. This includes consultations regarding the construction of a competitive employment offer based on both market data and your compensation parameters.
  • Throughout this stage of the process, we continue to represent and act as an agent for your organization.
  • GSB Search will remain engaged with the candidate as he or she is transitioning into your organization. This will help to confirm that all required information has been received by the candidate and that the candidate has taken all actions necessary to begin work for your organization.

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