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Is your hiring process perfect, is probably not a fair question.  We all strive to make things “Perfect” and eventually we figure out that perfection is not worth the cost.  However, we can always strive to improve. Below you will find three ways you can dramatically improve your hiring process.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

The best starting point for all of our projects is a good plan.   Make sure you look at all the unique challenges to the particular position you are trying to fill. Build a plan that goes beyond a job description for getting someone hired.

  • What business problem needs to be solved by hiring for this position?
  • What are the character attributes you need in this position?
  • What is more important to you, today skills or tomorrow potential?

Don’t let your process lose you great candidates.

To protect our companies we must follow policies and procedures.  I firmly believe if you hire with integrity and honesty you should never have much of a problem. However, when the procedures start to build in unnecessary steps or involve too many people, you will lose top candidates.

  • Top candidates have options and a long process will open the door for your competitors.
  • Get agreement up front on who will need to be involved
  • Have a fast track plan approved ahead of time in case you find your top candidate early in the process.  (I have heard many times how hiring managers have lost great candidates because someone told them they had to interview at least x number of candidates.)

Communicate with your candidates throughout the interview process.

As a professional who talks to a lot of candidates, I understand the challenge to communicate to all who apply.  In some cases with the volume of resumes being high and not very targeted, a form letter is about all that can be sent.  However, it baffles me the number of candidates that are brought in for an interview and don’t hear any communication for weeks or ever. This is rude and will hurt your company’s reputation for hiring in the long run.

  • Set up a plan of communication for any candidate who is invited in for an interview.
  • Make sure to communicate to all candidates who get in the interview process what the time table will be.
  • Ask your candidates their interest level and how your opportunity compares to others they are considering.   You may be surprise what information you will find out from this simple question.

Hiring at the professional level is always a challenge.  I hope the above tips help you in your hiring effort.  Please reach out to me if I can help you with any hiring challenges you face.  If I don’t know the answer, chances are I can find it for you.

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